Luggage Covers

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    Luggage covers are colourful, fun and personalise your luggage so they are easily to identify on the airports carousel. No more standing in the cue waiting for you bag to get plastic wrapped and then breaking nails trying to remove it without damaging your bag. Only to have to do it again on the trip back.

    Whether you travel by bus or cruis ship you can trust your suitcase is secure and looks great. Once fitted the stylish luggage cover makes it very difficult for you suitcase to be  tampered with, so you can can travel with piece of mind. We have a massive range of fashionable luggage covers to suit all suitcase sizes.

    • 85% polyester and 15% spandex material.
    • Washable.
    • Luggage identifier.
    • Openings for top and side carry handles.
    • Easy to fit over your suitcase.
    • Easy to fit and reuse
    • Saves time and money on airport plastic wrap.


      Small in inches 18-22 inches/46-56cm

      Medium in inches 23-26 inches/58-66cm

      Large in inches 27-30inches/68.5-76cm

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